Mow Down The Afro-Americans, Karlheinz

Some German army instructor needs to pump his troops up during live-ammunition practice. He’s caught on video telling them to imagine "Afroamerikaner" in the Bronx jumping out of a van and screaming insults at their mother durng target practice. It’s caused a minor stir both in Germany and abroad. Follow the link to see the video. I love the strategic use of the word "motherfucker" (in English, of course) as an "open fire" command.

Note the German officer’s use of the word "Afroamerikaner" to describe the black people jumping out of the "black van." He’s using black people as hypothetical targets, but still shows enough sensitivity to refer to them in the most politically correct way available in the German language.

Perhaps this is a sign the edifying public-enlightenment efforts of "Afroamerikaner" Dave Chappelle are having an impact even across the Atlantic:

One thought on “Mow Down The Afro-Americans, Karlheinz

  1. I also found it remarkable that the instructor didn’t use the terminology you’d expect here. I’m wondering what would have happened if he had said ‘arabs’ or ‘muslims’. No stir, probably…
    As for the video: even the fact, that Chapelle is black couldn’t stop “daß mir das Lachen im Halse steckenblieb”, as we say in German. To me it is superb humor if that happens.


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