Nir Rosen on the Iraqi Refugee Crisis

If there’s any justice, journalist Nir Rosen will receive all American journalism awards, large and small, for the next 5 years. Let me quote A Tiny Revolution:

Don’t miss the NY Times Magazine cover story by Nir Rosen, aka World’s Bravest Person, on the gigantic Iraq refugee crisis. As the article reports, about four million Iraqis have fled their homes. That’s 15% of Iraq’s population; the equivalent in the US would be 45 million people.

It’s really something to live in a country so powerful we can rip another nation to shreds like this and barely notice. Hey, what time is the Golden State-Jazz game on?

A man I know and trust, Zaid al-Ali, who is Iraqi, recently put it thus:

Bush, however misguided, remains a man committed to his principles and has consistently maintained that he will not withdraw from Iraq come what may. Whether or not he truly cares is anyone’s guess, but the consequence of his intransigence is that Iraq will continue its rapid descent into the worst state of misery imaginable. Its people will continue to run for the hills and to flee in their thousands; new fronts between rival armed factions will continue to develop at ever increasing rates; the government will continue to crumble; and the deathrate amongst US soldiers and, especially, Iraqis will continue to rise.

One thought on “Nir Rosen on the Iraqi Refugee Crisis

  1. Andrew,

    While I have read almost all of Nir Rosen’s articles over the last few years and have appreciated all of them (and have been critical when it was warrented), I think the idea of heaping awards on him might be a bit of an exaggeration. Earlier today I posted my review of Rosen’s NYT magazine piece. Here it is:

    Iraqi outside both the Green and Red Zones.

    There is no doubt that Rosen walked a fine line when he was reporting from inside Iraq. He’s married now and has a child, so I’m not sure if the missus is going to let him back into Iraq anytime soon. Then again, she may not be able to stop him.


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