Muslims in the U.S. Reasonably Content

According to the International Herald Tribune, there are 2.35 million Muslims in the United States and on the whole, they’re pretty well-integrated:

As a whole, the poll found a largely content and hard-working U.S. Muslim population, and one that is fast assimilating.

Though 4 in 10 have arrived since 1990, a large proportion say their closest friends are non-Muslims. Their incomes are close to the national average. Even more than the general public, they say they believe that by working hard they can get ahead.

Eight in 10 said they were "very happy" or "pretty happy" with their lives. But young American Muslims – those under 30 – were more accepting of extremism. They were far more likely than their older counterparts to see themselves as Muslims first rather than as Americans first.

Black Americans who are Muslim converts, however, are more disaffected and more likely to endorse extremism than immigrant Muslims.

3 thoughts on “Muslims in the U.S. Reasonably Content

  1. A commenter sees it more critically:

    If you look at the poll results (without the IHT spin) closer, the results are not so rosy. One in four under 30 say that the suicide bombings are justified (to defend Islam). Most do not believe Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks and most disturbing sixty percent of those under 30 described themselves as Muslim first and American second. This would mean they would not defend the country if the enemy was Muslim. The picture of Muslims in America, while not as bad as in Europe, could be much better.

    The Pew report as pdf.


  2. Black Muslims are black and are not immune to the pressures and illnesses suffered by negros of whatever religion (or none) in the US.

    I suspect their anger has rather more to do with that than with their profession of Islam.


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