Bavaria will Rise Again!

Now, I tend to like most of the Bavarians I meet, but there’s no denying Bavaria is a special place.

Here’s an example. In 1949, when the German post-war constitution (called the Grundgesetz or Basic Law) came into force, the Bavarian state parliament voted against it by 101 to 64. The Chairman of the Bavarian Party then wrote an article called "The Freedom Struggle is Beginning" in the newspaper Die Welt, in which he announced: "The act of rape emanating from [the German capital of] Bonn is, for us, not a Basic Law but rather a Rubbish Law [Grundgesetz / Schundgesetz]. This sorry effort begins the socialization, centralization, and Russification of the German states…"

7 thoughts on “Bavaria will Rise Again!

  1. My old professor at university once told me about his US student scholarship some years after World War II. When ordinary Americans suspiciously asked him where he’s from he always answered politely “I’m from Bavaria”…


  2. “…answered politely “I’m from Bavaria”…”

    Yeah and the odd thing is they think this is somehow better, but we know better! Beware of Bavaria!


  3. > Bavaria will Rise Again!

    Au contraire: northbound Africa goes on squeezing the European plate, exerting northward pressure along the Penninic thrustfront. While the Alps might rise a little, the formation of the foreland basins goes on with the crust subsiding in these areas. Eventually, Bavaria will be scraped by the Alpe’s remnants drifting north. Continens africanus finis bavariae. Uprooted tribes will wander north, asking for asylum, offering obatzda and pretzels in exchange. Wolle mer se reilasse?


  4. It would be great to get a reply to my query, May 22, re: German vs. English and Habermas. A new posting by you on this would be useful, so that comment could be connected to that permalink.

    By the way, that Habermas article is now available in entirety—I presume you know (but others may not know)—via signandsight (Is that an intended play on Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit?).


  5. “Beware of Bavaria!”

    Prudish Americans expecially should beware of Bavarian women. “Hoiz voa da Hüttn” (MP3) is the catch phrase…


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