The Heintje Never Stops

It’s official. If I die, one line of my obituary will read "In 2005, Hammel unwittingly created an online forum for people who love the 1970s German child star Heintje. This turned out to be his most significant contribution to public discourse."

No other post has gathered such a consistent and varied stream of worldwide comments as my ruminations (rather rude ones, I might add) on Heintje.

In a desperate bid for more website hits, and to help Judith the Heintje fan, let me promote the latest Heintje comment to the main page of this blog.

Hi Heintje fans

Heintje cds can be found on

I have been trying to find a dvd of his film "Ich sing ein lied fur dich" which I saw at the cinema in Hong Kong in 1970.

Does anybody know where I can find one?


Go visit the post to find Judith’s email, and help her re-live her fond memories. 

One question: What on earth was a Heintje movie doing playing in Hong Kong?

5 thoughts on “The Heintje Never Stops

  1. Don’t be so self-depriciating, Andrew; you should not forget those many other postings of yours which were met with much awed – and, if I might say so, respectful – silence from us, your readers, whenever we had to realize that your understanding of the inscrutabilities of everyday life is way ahead of us.

    Should I ever catch up with your way of thinking, be assured, I will flood your blog with insightful ruminations on your ponderings.


  2. “One question: What on earth was a Heintje movie doing playing in Hong Kong?”

    Hmm, seems that Chinese are obsessed by Heintje. Coincidently, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” actually published an article about Chinese tourists visiting Germany. From the article:

    Jetzt ist erst mal Heintje dran. “Kleine Kinder, kleine Sorgen. Und ein Haus voll Sonnenschein”, singt Heintje – und alle brummen mit, die Alten vorne, die Jungen hinten. Der Busfahrer kann es nicht glauben, dreht sich um, ein paar Frauen kichern, singen noch lauter, die Männer pfeifen mit, ein paar klopfen im Takt auf die Vordersitze. Seit 35 Jahren ist Walter Meier Busfahrer, er fährt seit 25 Jahren Japaner, seit zehn Jahren Chinesen und seit fünf Jahren Inder. Er hat einiges gesehen. Aber so etwas? “Die sind wirklich anders. Die meisten schauen sich ständig Videos an. Und bei den Spielbanken san’s wie die Narrischen”, sagt er, dann schaut er noch einmal nach hinten. “Heintje, da drehst am Rad.”


  3. “IF I die…”?

    I came across your blog by accident, followed postings awhile, and see that you’re apparently well-suited to be the monocled Weimarer in your header. Your incessant narcissism is nauseating.



  4. “IF I die…”?

    I hope you learned something by that. The next time use “when”!
    And seriously, why do you have to put Heintje in your blog?
    What is dead, should stay dead, period.


  5. Well, at least Heintje keeps on singing, has a regular career as a singer after almost 40 years. Very few “Kinderstars” become safe and sound adults!Best example, Jacko Wacko. The only kid that is still there doing very well (and how! uhhlala)seems to be Ricky Martin.


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