Better Living Through Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Given the porno spam comments I’ve been getting lately, I probably shouldn’t be putting "vaginal" in post titles.  However, I felt obliged to link to this, as a public service to readers with non-optimized genitals:

Within months, [gynecologist] Salerno had visited [the] newly opened Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America in Los Angeles, where the doctor, in addition to inventing the G-Shot [an injection of collagen to increase the size of womens’ G-spots], has become the most renowned practitioner in a small but incrementally growing field. In 2005, the first year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons kept statistics on vaginal alterations, 79 women had work performed on their genitals. Last year, the number rose to 1,030. Sandy Gart, 56, a Southern California nurse who was one of Matlock’s first G-Shot recipients, said she got the injection to rekindle her sex drive. Gart said it worked so well, she’s had three more injections; the collagen reabsorbs into the body within four months, and Matlock says 60 percent of his patients have returned at least once.

7 thoughts on “Better Living Through Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

  1. What about changing sex partners – variatio delectat! – instead of medical engineering?

    BTW: Did you already know that Heidi Klum calls her breasts Hans and Franz? This very interesting article which also discusses the origin of the names in detail is published by “Deutsche Welle” which is part of Germany’s public diplomacy efforts. It’s completely tax-financed.

    I’m not so convinced that US feminists like this kind of German joy…


  2. This very interesting article which also discusses the origin of the names in detail is published by “Deutsche Welle” which is part of Germany’s public diplomacy efforts. It’s completely tax-financed.

    There is one regular guest to this esteemed venue whose heart, I do not doubt it for a second, will cry precious tears at the thought of how many millimetres of motorway could have been built with the money it cost to – as I’m certain must have happened in light of DW’s quality standards – meticulously research and write up this article. I do think, however, that we must place this in the broader picture of Germany’s diplomatic efforts. From movie nights hosted by our embassies to state visits by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, these never are cheap, but if you relate the cost to the goodwill towards the Vaterland they eventually engender, I wonder if this particular example may not be spectacularly cost-effective.


  3. Sebastian,

    I really enjoy this kind of stuff about Germany like the article dealing with “Germany’s Teen Sex Doctor” Dr. Sommer and Bravo (“Sell this in America, and risk prison time for child pornography. But in Germany, this is nothing tawdry. It’s the country’s most popular teenage magazine, and it turns 50 on Saturday.”). And the DW-story about the naked American tourist who gave locals in Nuremberg a sight to see because he thought it was normal German behavior is also worth reading.

    But – believe it or not – a friend from the US was really shocked when she accidently (ahem…) googled around and found “official” articles on Deutsche Welle dealing with flirting tips for foreign women in Germany, adresses and practical information for gays and lesbians, a Berlin pornography festival or former German Porn star Gina Wild aka Michaela Schaffrath. For her, it was impossible to believe that a “tax-financed” German service had lost its moral compass in such a disturbing way…


  4. Women who don’t like the general shape and feel of their genitals should try some muscle therapy before they go under the knife. Sure, surgery is always an option, but the surgery needs to be coupled with ‘maintenance’ to keep it looking good.


  5. My friend had undergone this operation in California after her childbirth a year ago, and she told me that she felt physically comfortable and her self-image improved. I think that the advancement of technology these days is actually helping a lot of people, like women who are conscious of their well-being.


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