The Phenomenology of Getting Whacked

From the Toronto Globe and Mail:

This month, police in Palermo, Italy, discovered the lifeless body of Nicola Ingarao. The reputed leader of a Cosa Nostra clan had been shot repeatedly in the chest, reports The Guardian. "Detectives found to their astonishment that Ingarao had written a university philosophy exam the day before. He had sat at a desk in a room with dozens of other students as they grappled with the issues raised by the Italian idealist school. Pietro Di Giovanni, a professor at Palermo University, said Ingarao would has [sic] got an excellent result." The mobster had been inspired to study philosophy from the reading he had done during a nine-year prison sentence.

2 thoughts on “The Phenomenology of Getting Whacked

  1. “The Sopranos” is being called a “masterpiece” and compared to Shakespeare.

    And now this. Mafia’s going upscale.

    The discovery of Ingarao’s body, and subsequent unraveling of events leading up to the murder, would make for an excellent detective novel, though.


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