“If I could not hear your voice…

…I would be lost in a land of silence."  Obviously, this is French.  It’s a movie.  Shortly after our man tells his lover this, she goes to wait for him at a cafe. But he doesn’t arrive, because he’s trapped in an elevator.

What’s the name of the cafe?

Who wrote the book on which the movie is based?

Which documentary filmmaker gave the director of this movie his first responsible directing job?

5 thoughts on ““If I could not hear your voice…

  1. This is from “Elevator to the Gallows,” isn’t it? Can’t remember the name of the cafe; the director was Louis Malle but I don’t know who gave him that first job.

    So I guess I don’t win the trivia contest this week.

  2. > So I guess I don’t win the trivia contest this week
    No, you don’t, meek earthling, it’s the bad and ugly from outer space, that do:

    1. Royal Camée
    2. Noël Calef
    3. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    Now I wonder: are the bad and ugly entitled to receive the trivia contest’s perks – or, worse yet, aren’t there any?? Our blog meister might want to think twice.

  3. Good job, Marek. You did win some genuine respect with me; so, if you keep a better check on your monomaniac rants about Muslims being the incarnation of all evil in this world, people might actually read what your write.

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