Official Announcement of Theme End

Another Pew survey shows world opinion of the United States in the toilet.  "In Germany, traditionally one of the closest U.S. allies, only 30 percent now have a positive view, down from 78 percent before Bush took office in January 2001."

A German Joys policy change: to avoid beating this dead horse any further, I will cease any and all commentary on polls about America’s standing until they show an uptick.  Goodbye theme, see you in 2009!*

* Unless Americans elect Fred Thompson, which, heaven forfend, there’s a decent chance they’ll do, the yutzes.

5 thoughts on “Official Announcement of Theme End

  1. martin,

    for my point of view “Americans elect” is 100% correct 😉

    And I’m looking forward to the first surveys after the presidential election…

  2. Bash away, Euroweenies. See if we’ll rescue your sorry tails this next time. And there will be a next time…in one of history’s better jests, against the islamofascists, you will be the Jews….

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