5 thoughts on “Born in Bavaria

  1. > Germany’s most gifted musical entertainer [..] and turn up the volume

    this is really really unfair to every non-deaf person…

    btw, what means “Schmerzensgeld” and “Blutrache” in English?


  2. Daniel Kuhbock, ops, Küblböck…

    Does he still exist?

    The few countries I´ve noticed that can “produce” a supertar out of a contest (DSDS, American Idol) are USA (mind Kelly Clarkson) and Germany.


  3. I can’t listen on my work computer, but one thing about the website struck me right off; his pinstriped trousers!

    No country artist worth his salt wears pinstripes. The idea is that they are all cowpunchers or cowgals – and no cowboy or cowgirl wears pinstripes. Not even the Japanese ones! 😉


  4. @ Don

    I suppose Daniel Küblxwyzwhatever wears pinstriped trousers too keep his image as a “Teenie-Schwärm”. He may be the bavarian version of Justin Timberlake, although I don´t think the poor Daniel is able to “bring sexy back” 😉


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