Stories about Schultueten Wanted!

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ausgepackte Schultüte

In the interest of general enlightenment, I’d like to ask people to contribute stories about Schultueten, those crazy cone-shaped goodie bags kids get on their first day of school. A U.S. journalist wrote me with the following story/request:

I lived in a house in Germany long ago. The youngest child went to her first day of school (first grade) with a giant ice cream cone shaped of thin cardboard and covered with fabric. Half of the cone was stuffed with tissue paper and the rest was filled with candy. I recall it had a long name, ending in Tute. (or similiar) Is it possible that you can tell me more about this custom, with the proper full name? Or maybe you might ask readers of the blog to submit some of their stories about the first day of school for them or their children. Of course I am referring not to "first day" for all children, but only those going for the first time.

So, if you can provide any background information about Schultueten or have stories about them that might be interesting to Californians, please let the world know.

Oh, and keep it heartwarming and family-friendly, folks. No stories about "Schultueten" from Beate Uhse.