Introducing the Photo Caption Contest!

Your scribe is going on a much-needed vacation to Greece and then to Berlin and won’t be back until August. I hope Ed Philp will contribute a few posts while I’m gone, but he’s got a fancy new job now, and less time.

There will still be posts, though! Using the magic of delayed posting, I’d like to inaugurate a new feature here. It’s called the German Joys Photo Caption contest.  I post a photo, and instead of me saying something clever about it I let my good-looking, highly intelligent readers do so. It’s kind of like the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, except you don’t win anything tangible. Plus, it’s generally crappier.

Winners will be chosen by moi when I get back. Feel free to post in any language, and at any length — everything from Goldt-style absurdist mini-essays to wisecracks.

Here’s the first entry, some nice window-dressing from a photo taken in Duesseldorf, June 20o7:


My entry (building on the oft-noted German penchant for politically-incorrect sculptures):

"And now, here to play Beethoven’s Cello Sonata No.3 In A, Op.69, please extend a gracious welcome to…Sambo ‘Jive-ass’ Washington!"

If you can top that (and I think you can), fire away in comments. Back in August tanned and fit; have a nice July.

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