2 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest Part VII

  1. Why, yes, I hate filthy foreigners and even nitpick on their spelling mistakes, I forgot – estimable to remind me. Guilt not by association, but by name calling – implicitly so, of course, so we can spare the argument. We’re an elitist little club indeed. Anyway, your comrades in arms made me enter the fray already – ne bis in idem this time, Witzischkeit hat manchmal Grenzen.

    btw, speaking of Americans with amusing German names: to a man with a Hammel, everyone is a racist, if I may say so. Racist like, say, Kenan Kolat, who feels 80% of the Turkish population in Germany to be bildungsfern and einkommensschwach – and let’s not mention their youngster’s crime stats, let’s? Yep, that’s the very same Mr. Kolat who is boycotting the Integrationsgipfel for being racist and discriminatory. However, that’s but a flimsy veneer – scrape it off ever so lightly and you’ll get a …bigoted sod, didn’t we just know it? But who cares – there’s a shining knight to the rescue, as Mr. Hammel knows better: they are “academics, shop owners, taxi drivers, [and] office drones“, they are “like the rest of us”. ‘Academics’ in the first place: how politically, um, laudable is that? Three cheers for open, honest debates in open societies. Houston, we have a cognitive problem here – thank God for some relieving dissonance. Allahu Alaaf …uups, sorry: Allahu helau – have a Diebels Alt with that.

    PS: greetz-again!-to elitist club’s funky mc James W. “sneaky” Martin – as thunderously smart as he’s likeable – teehee.

    PPS: I’m enjoying this, grimly, twistedly, somehow – do we all?


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