Yogurt-Themed Update from Greece

I’m on Naxos, bithplace of Zeus, but I am forced to turn away from spiritual things to worldly matters occasionally, so I’m stuck in an Internet Cafe.  Friends, noble lords, I bring news from the sunburnt land across the wine-dark sea:

1. The sea isn’t really "wine-dark". It’s just blue. A nice deep blue, though.

2. Among old Greek men, one of the most popular brands of ouzo is "Mini." This is explained either by the fact that it’s good, or that it has a picture of a girl in a miniskirt on the bottle.

3. The tomatoes are otherworldy. They taste so tomatoey, that somehow they don’t taste like tomatoes anymore. They have exploded my concept of the tomato.

4.  You can get yogurt made from sheep’s milk. It’s tangy. And chunky. Good for people who like tangy, chunky things (That’s me!).

4a. Everywhere you go, there are loud, rasping cicadas. They’re endearingly clumsy, and have a wecome tendency to fly underneath women’s clothing. If one flies into your sheep’s-milk yogurt, the custom is to continue eating and pretend you don’t notice it. They taste like tobacco.

5. I’m getting bored of all the bloody whitewashed chapels. May Zeus rain thunderbolts upon them! Would it kill Grecians to paint a church a different color once in a while?

6. Oh, it’s not so bad. It’s a dry heat.

More when back.

2 thoughts on “Yogurt-Themed Update from Greece

  1. Everything is white in the tourist areas because the tourists want it that way. Sometimes you can find differently coloured houses in the older parts of towns, where tourists are not likely to go.


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