4 thoughts on “Amis on Insulting People

  1. This is true on so many levels it’s hard to count – without being a cliche.

    And true not only in the field of ‘literary criticism’ but in so many other things.

    I would urge everyone to think of that the next time one is tempted to use the word ‘fascist’ – and think again.


  2. For purposes of clarity:

    Citing blitcons, are we? The ones that now opt for strip-searches, discrimination, and–of all things!–hurting “whole communities?” Another choice crop from the quote farm: “When I come back to Britain I see a pretty good multicultural society […] The only element that is not fitting in is Islam. Who else isn’t fitting in?” He even dares speak of “miserable bastards” and–God forbid–some “death cult.” Naughty, vicious, um, Taoism? Corruption, obviously – but not of the youthful kind anymore. The times, they are a-changing – die schärfsten Kritiker der Elche …werden langsam selber welche. Liberals mugged by reality, as some wit once defined the term neocon, tend to get really pissed. Yes, pissed – let’s wade in the mud, it’s liberating, somehow.

    I just wonder if our host’s snivelling ponderous thoughtfulness is aimed at recent bouts of rudeness in this here bloggin’ sugar bowl (that’s to you, Martin, you mischievous upper middle class twit:) …or if it’s a plea for pc, again. Yep, we shouldn’t even try to singe off the reactionary swine’s bristles, if it’s the one of the halal variety: those bristles’ owners are brittle for sure. Anyway – while some folks are full of it, some others are full of thought: much better.

    btw: I sure wished I was as productive and organised as our host: I still owe fellow nit-picker Sebastian a fat one – kommt Zeit, kommt Rat – kommt Attentat. In writing, of course.


  3. From the article:Literature, we felt, was the core discipline; criticism explored and popularised the significance of that centrality, creating a space around literature and thereby further exalting it.Dude, I really, sincerely hope that any of this has any meaning to you. Any connection to reality at all. Such as down the alley, at the end of the day, putting a steak on the table. Because people waking up from being very deeply immersed in delusions usually find themselves falling down a hole that often has no bottom.Kind regards,Martin


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