5 thoughts on “Odd German Names Redux

  1. Here is another American with an odd German name:

    William Ruckelshaus, who had multiple US government and executive positions, most famous for being the FBI chief who resigned on principle rather than carry out an order from Richard Nixon.

  2. I also think “Duchscherer” (a pitcher currently on the Oakland A’s) is an odd name. It may sound normal to Germans, though.

  3. Such names are scattered throughout the prairies of western Canada. Names like Fleischacker, Ostertag, and Kalbfleisch are not uncommon. A Saskatchewan provincial minister’s name was Schoenhals.

  4. Ruckelshaus wasn’t the FBI chief – I think you’re confusing him with the FBI official who was Woodward and Bernstein’s source cosde-named Deep Throat. Ruckelshaus was an assistant Attorney General who resigned rather than fire Archibald Cox, the first Special Prosecutor in the Watergate affair.

  5. Oops, appears Ruckelshaus WAS FBI chief for a brief period before moving on to the Justice Department. Elliot Richardson was the first to resign over the order to fire Cox, then Ruckelshaus. I think the Solicitor General (a man named Robert Bork) eventually fired Cox.

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