4 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest Part XV

  1. “Is it serious doctor?”
    “I fear it is, Mrs. Butterbee. The tests indicate that you got a travelling pussy.”

    “Oh my god! Is it dangerous?”
    “If it remains untreated it may affect your kidneys. We call it “Wandernieren”. However, now that we recognized the problem I will prescribe you..er…your husband some love rings. That will make your pussy settle again.”

  2. Germans…

    Why would you need a travel pussy? Are german men not “sociable and outgoing” enough to get good quality “local pussy”?

    I´m for “Land und Kultur erleben” 😉

  3. Scottie’s Restaurant is out in the middle of nowhere. It seems like a rowdy place, so there wouldn’t be a lot of police. And it’s open from dusk till dawn.

    (I hope you are all familiar with American popular culture…)

  4. I wanted to add footnote on the travel pussy: while Germany is supposably a huge market for their sale, artificial vaginas (a category of “sexual gratification devices, and “capable of receiving a suitably lubricated male organ to stimulate the organ to an orgasm independent of the presence of a second party”, especially when “filled with warm water”), are not a German invention.

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