Toxophily and Dunghill Cogk

Sure, the foreign countries are full of pretty churches and mountains. But what brings me the most inspiration is their uninhibited use of English. A few examples from Greece:


The ‘Super Toxophily Set’. Perhaps your children can use it to create poisoned arrows. Since they’re too young for jail, what better way to eliminate your enemies?  Which would explain the slogan at the bottom of the package:


It turns out, though, that Toxophily is just an obscure word for archery. I picture a toy factory owner calling up Stavros, who has a bunch of old English books back from his student days at Birmingham in the 30s, and asking him "Stavros, my brother, what is the English word for the making-moving of the arrows with the bow?"

And now to a picture I like to call "Hold the Dunghill — But bring on the Cogk": 


Klaus Pfeiffer, born in Germany, citizen of Naxos, artist with the FluxusNaxos movement, with a poster for his Youtube project, "Water is Life":


Watch Klaus make shoes from water bottles, and ‘kinetic sculptures’ from beer cans here:

2 thoughts on “Toxophily and Dunghill Cogk

  1. Archery = τοξοβολία (toxobolia).

    But yes. Where do you even find a dictionary that will still give you “toxophily” as an alternative for archery? My trusty (state-sponsored) PONS Deutsch-Englisch doesn’t. Actually, it doesn’t even mention Bogenschießen, only Bogenschütze. Actually my trusty PONS is a pretty crappy dictionary.


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