2 thoughts on ““Time to Take Out the Eurotrash”

  1. For me, the flag shirt guy sequence was the reason to bookmark it for Joerg.

    But I don’t want to hide my source: It’s the commentary section of an entry over at Statler & Waldorf, in which Statler asks, if one is “very evil” if regarding Monty Burns as being the coolest Simpson character.

    A have to admit, though, that I am a little disappointed about the German accent displayed. Is it so difficult to just grab a tape with our prez Koehler speaking English and listen to it for 20 seconds or so, in order to get the accent right? And what the heck is a globenheimer?


  2. LOL

    I´ve seen it before, in fact, I´ve shown it to a student, who besides speaking some german is an English Teacher, too. We had a very productive class after this video!


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