Moments in Gummy Bear History

…courtesy of Hans Traxler’s 1992 book "The Life and Times of Gummy Bears," one of the few German comic books to have been translated into English. I have the German version, but I’ll translate the captions into English.

"Ivan the Terrible went mad when he realized that he could not impress gummy bears with his tried-and-true torture methods."


"Through contact with humans, gummy bears began to develop all the afflictions of civilized life." (overweight, fear of flying, tennis elbow, weltschmerz)



2 thoughts on “Moments in Gummy Bear History

  1. wow nicee
    hang a gummybear
    hahahhha u r sending kids the rite message=]
    you should make these into a tv show that all kids watch
    maybe they will get those great ideas about hanging there dog or cat…….



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