All Hail the Brand

Maybe you’ve heard it said: despite all our national and cultural differences, we humans are really all the same, deep-down.

A questionable thesis. But here’s a data-point of proof for it:

John Brooks has observed has observed that the graffiti inscribers in the New York subway cars tend to write everywhere but on the advertising cards, "as if advertising were the one aspect of society . . .  that the writers can respect."

Paul Fussell, Class (1983), p. 47.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the windows that are covered by advertisements are not scratched [by vandals]! We spend over eight million euro per year replacing scratched windowpanes. We’re contemplating allowing posters on the sides of ticket machines, because they offer too much space for graffiti.

Petra Reetz, spokeswoman for the Berlin transporation agency BVG, in strassenfeger (Berlin street newspaper) July 2007, p. 10.

A sign of hope: Reetz also reports that "surfaces that have art on them are also less endangered by vandalism."

2 thoughts on “All Hail the Brand

  1. I’ve never really known any graffti artist, but I would think that they leave advertisement spaces out not out of respect for other artists, but rather because a scratch/graffiti won’t look “cool”, “phat” or “evil” on the ads.

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