“This isn’t Kyrgyzstan”

First, Robert Musil:

"It is a basic tendency of human culture that a person approaches people outside of his own circles with the deepest mistrust. We see, that is, that not only will a Germanic person consider a Jew as an incomprehensible and inferior creature, but also that a football player will think the same way about a piano player. All things, after all, exist only by virtue of their differentiation from other things, and thereby by what one could call a slightly hostile act toward their surroundings. Without the Pope, no Luther, and without heathens, no Pope. Therefore, the thesis cannot be rejected that the deepest dependency of a person on other persons consists of his rejection of them."

[The Man Without Qualities, ch. 7].

Now, funnier but less Viennese, Ted Rall:


[Note that they’re talking about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 120 degrees Celsius would be well above the boiling point. Although Pakistani guy actually does sort of look like he’s melting. Cartoon: h/t Mystical Politics:]

2 thoughts on ““This isn’t Kyrgyzstan”

  1. There’s definitively no reason to be biased against anyone, anywhere. Pakistan is a very good case in point, indeed. And don’t you smear the Chinese – if they fancy to have 2000+ executed each year, while selling off the kidneys of some of the executees to make up for expenses – hey, let’s attribute that to cultural differences, we shouldn’t get anal about, trying to impose some disingenuous imperialist human rights agenda. Even worse, ve haff Nazis, spoil ze environment, and once exploited colonies – shouldn’t ve rather sweep in front of our own door?!

    In the end, we all are human, so we all are good, basically – thus, all human societies are equally well organised, providing the exact same amount of happiness, rights, goods, and related stuff to its members – QED, or else! Oh dear, aren’t we all a bunch of very, very gute menschen? Luv’you all.

    Than again, less funny but more Viennese – did I miss a point, again?! Did an elusive -and innocent- subtlety escape my one-tracked mind? Isn’t the above in ardent, though–by a benign, non-offensive brand of humour–endearingly packaged opposition to bad ol’ othering discourse, some bigoted swine do indulge in ever so often, driving our cherished host well above the boiling point?

    …oh dear, they are playing Nico on the radio – I’ve gotta smash it and go to bed now.


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