Calling San Diego Lawyers

Does the U.S. Navy barracks building in the center-left of this satellite photograph of San Diego remind you of anything? 

The U.S. Navy claim they were aware of the building’s shape when it was finished in 1967, but thought nobody would ever pay attention to how it looked from above, since the navy base is in a no-fly zone.

Boy, were they wrong (G). Now, the Navy plans to spend $600,000 of my tax dollars to mask the shape of the building from above. Too bad this isn’t happening in Germany. If it were, the original architect, like the architect of the Berlin Rail Station, could file suit against the changes to his original plans (G). Now that’s one trial I’d like to see. [h/t – Bro.]

UPDATE: But before you Germans go bashing innocent American architects, guilty only of spending taxpayer millions to erect a gigantic Nazi symbol, look closer to home. That is, to the sign for the Observation Deck at the Nuremberg (yes, that Nuremberg) airport:

[courtesy of Riesenmaschine]

One thought on “Calling San Diego Lawyers

  1. On a similar note, the German town of Zernikow had to fell the larches in the so-called swastika forest a couple of years ago. The forest was planted in the swastika shape on purpose in 1938. Certainly Google Earth will help to unveil some more of these hidden symbols.
    TITLE: Hakenkreuz-Architektur und hitlergrende Piktogramme
    DATE: 09/29/2007 03:10:39 PM
    Andrew Hammel, dessen Blog sowieso sehr lesenswert ist, fragt sich angesichts des Luftbildes eines Gebudes der U.S. Navy, ob der Arm eines Strichmnnchens auf dem Nrnberger Flughafen nicht etwas unangebracht abgewinkelt ist.


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