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  1. OK, maybe the pink police are going to have to take away my membership card, but how should it read? “Gay Sex”? “Homosexual activity” is a fairly common phrase in the USA, particularly if the speaker/writer does not want to use slang. I also would not discount the notion that the writer was intentionally using a phrase that was a strong contrast to the means of expression- graffiti.

  2. The graffiti artists are obviously fans of the Norwegian punkrock band “Turbonegro” and members of the local Turbonegro fan chapter “Turbojugend Düsseldorf”.
    “Homosexual activitiy” is a reference to a song from Turbonegro’s “asscobra” album:

    “Why do American punkrock-boys always go out with the American New-wave hooker girls? I don’t know. I don’t like it.
    I come from Norway, and we don’t like punkrockers going out with the little bullshit New-wave hooker girls. We are going to teach you all a lesson. In Norway, punkrockers go out with punkrock-girls or telephone hookers or less – They go out with themselves and do homosexual activity.”

    So we are talking about Norwenglish here.
    Great band btw!

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