“Thomas Mann Would Make TV Series Today”

Christian Petzold — none of whose films I have yet seen (although I plan to see ‘Yella’ soon), has this to say about television:

The most interesting it gets are the crime series by Dominik Graf or imports like "The Wire" or "The Sopranos". These are the best things I’ve seen on television. Cinema is nouvelle, TV is roman and "The Sopranos" is an absolute epic. Thomas Mann would make TV series today.

2 thoughts on ““Thomas Mann Would Make TV Series Today”

  1. Interesting that he mentions “The Wire”. Certainly of the best TV series ever, but it doesn’t run in Germany. And would have zero chance. It’s way too demanding and complex for public television. It’s not even successful in the US, but has managed to stay alive on HBO by critical praise. “The Sopranos” is wasting away on PayTV in Germany as well, ignored by both the public and critics (the lest said about German television critics, the better).

    “The Wire” isn’t really translatable anyways, as large amounts of it take place in bitterly poor African American neighborhoods. Yeah, one could transfer it, but more than many other shows, it would lose much of its impact.

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