The Lynchian Tower of French Invincibility


Nicolas Sarkozy and David Lynch, shortly after Lynch was made (G) an Officer of the French Legion of Honor. David Lynch is venerated across Europe, and this is one cultural preference that I endorse without reserve.

I’m thrilled to know that this honor went to the man who directed ‘Eraserhead,’ the most unsettling film ever made.  To paraphrase Tom Jones, if the miasmic swamp-eroticism of ‘Eraserhead’ doesn’t turn you on, you ain’t got no buttons. If it doesn’t horrify you, you’re probably a psychopath. A film that has changed thousands of lives (including my own) and probably ended some, as well.

After the ceremony, Lynch quite sensibly "suggested to the French president to build ‘an invincible tower in Paris’ to make the country and its president ‘unconquerable.’"

In heaven, everything is fine. You’ve got your good things, and I’ve got mine.

One thought on “The Lynchian Tower of French Invincibility

  1. > ‘Eraserhead,’ the most unsettling film ever made

    True. It’s one of my all time favourites, together with Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs‘ and Beligian student film ‘Man Bites Dog‘ (see it in French with subtitles, else it’s 50% fun off). Anyway, I haven’t seen any of them more than once precisely for their gut-wrenching qualities. Guess I’m a sissy after all, constant baiting and bitching notwithstanding. Here’s an account of Lynch perplexing hapless Berlin film students with ramblings on yogi flights and world wide peace – which depend on each other, shouldn’t you know: Mild at heart, aber weird on top: In Berlin hat David Lynch über Filme, Yoga und Frieden meditiert.

    Seems like Lynch’s ‘Transcendental Meditation’ takes exception to democratic rule, but I won’t complain, as long as he’s amusing, his films mind blasting and his think-alikes few.

    And now for something completely different – cognoscenti beware, you might want to click here instead, poor things. Then again, it’s not all that unrelated, as here‘s a lean, tall, and charming man with a funny hairdo, who has mind blasting ideas on Islam, WWII, Jews, and what best to do with them. Ok, he’s got one with thick Badensian accent – ignore that, or else, it might even add to his speech’s miasmic swamp-eroticism, his audience seems to enjoy quite a bit. Needles to say, he was chairman of the Islamrat, which Mr. Schäuble still sees fit as partner in, um, dialogue. Honestly, I feel that the video-and the speaker!-has some Lynchian quality to it – Taqbi! Or is it rather (poorly executed) Riefenstahl, that comes to mind?


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