A Plug for Google Reader

I try to keep up with the crazy, new-fangled technology all the kids are talking about, but I’d never gotten around to figuring out RSS news feeds. These deliver summaries of the latests posts from all your favorite websites into one big index, like an email inbox. It used to be kind of complicated to figure out how to make this work.

Along came Google, and made it all simple and quick and efficient. Google Reader is an online tool that allows you to quickly find RSS news feeds from your favorite blogs and organizes them in one handy directory. You can see what’s new on dozens of different sites right away.

I know this is old hat to my more tech-savvy readers, but I just thought I’d let everyone who hasn’t yet twigged to RSS feeds know about this.  Cheers!

5 thoughts on “A Plug for Google Reader

  1. Actually, I was wondering why your feed only gives me the headline and the first thirty words of your posts, but if you didn’t know much about feeds until now — thus making it probable that you never edited the RSS options of your blog — I know why your feed is so hostile to me. (What a long unintelligible sentence.)
    Please, please, publish the full text via RSS, so I don’t always have to load your web site into Thunderbird! (I hope other readers support this petition.)


  2. Thanks.
    In working on my blog re-design, I wanted to set up a page for feeds, but hadn’t gotten around to surveying the optons. Glad to hear you’ve found something that works.


  3. I recommend feedburner.com, which incidentally has been bought by Google recently. Google Reader has technical troubles it can’t overcome since quite some time, and delivers unreliable updates to its feeds surprisingly often. Presumably that’s why Google bought feedburner.


  4. > Actually, I was wondering why your feed only gives me
    > the headline and the first thirty words of your posts

    It would be handy to have a separate feed for comments only, so you get to know when a thread has been answered. Most blogs (ie. WordPress) offer that feature, Typepad surely will hide that option somewhere in its configuration interface, too.

    btw: a spam busting plugin would be useful as well.


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