Eat Me, You Worthless Bastard

Over at Riesenmaschine, Holm Friebe has beat me (G) to the mockery of the new Burger King "Angry Whopper" with "Angry Onions" and "Angry Jalapenos."

We can all puzzle over what Burger King is trying to achieve here. My guess is it’s some sort of attempt to draw attention to the burger’s spiciness. What makes it especially mystifying is that the phrase "Angry Onions" in German is even more amusing than its English counterpart: Zornige Zwiebeln.

5 thoughts on “Eat Me, You Worthless Bastard

  1. As it happens, I´ve seen this advertising some time ago and am still trying to figure it out. but Scott has given an answer I can live with… Actually, it´s like that one from for Stefan Gwildis (Who?). Even a friend of mine, who is not good in understanding English got these two. Or better, does not get them…


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