11 thoughts on “This one Excretes Dim Sum Dumplings

  1. No my friends — this sign was created within the past 2 days, so there was no time for the “r” to fall off. It is truly, madly, deeply ‘Neue Oeffnung’.


  2. I don’t get all this Denglish and, now, Chinese-German discussion. Criticising the superficial is the last resort of those that have completely run out of anything substantial to say, you twits. Not that there’d be any lack of that. Such as that what’s sold in Germany as ‘Chinese Food’ is so wrong it makes a grown man cry.Nota bene: Regarding the previous Denglish discussion (which will no doubt surface again on this blog) and ensuing sucking-uppage to Oscar Wilde or whatever novelist du jour in the tea-sipping circles, you are moving on shaky ground. 90% of the world only speaks basic English, so with the level of English largely displayed in the comments section of this blog, we are already odd by global standards. No need for you to retract into a remote little corner of global society by discussing the finer points of ‘first’ vs. ‘firstly’.Those of you on the office humor circuit have probably received this email back in the day. While funny, it is not a joke. If you’d hone your English skills to the point where you can successfully get breakfast in the Philippines, welcome sister/brother to our Generation with a Future(TM). I think the plan is to ship everone else off to an island where they can try to form a society that consists entirely of government jobs.


  3. @Volker:

    Lustig, aber selbst “Neue Eröffnung” oder “Neu Eröffnung” ist nicht sehr elegant.

    Das R paßt genau dazwischen, und dann steht da “Neueröffnung”, was natürlich der gängige Schriftzug für neu eröffnete Läden ist.


    No my friends — this sign was created within the past 2 days, so there was no time for the “r” to fall off. It is truly, madly, deeply ‘Neue Oeffnung’.

    It seems unlikely that this should not be a corruption of “Neueröffnung,” which is an extremely common word (you can buy pre-fabricated sticker foils with it). Maybe the missing letter wasn’t properly affixed to the window, or maybe they reused an old sign.


  4. Maybe the person that placed the stickers there letter by letter was thinking: “neuer Öffnung?” – that can’t possibly be right, I learned in my German class that all words ending in -ung take the feminine so it must be “neue Öffnung”.


  5. It would be interesting to know if the letters are on one single foil, or are separate letters, as (mostly young) people often have their fun removing or re-placing single letters, giving signs a different meaning, for their and others amusement. If this should be true here, they obviously were successful.


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