Say it with Ede

Edmund ‘Ede’ Stoiber.  The mere name conjures up thousands of associations for Germans, and probably 1 or 2 for non-Germans, the first being that ‘Stoiber’ (remember to pronounce it "Shtoiber") is pretty fun to say. Sounds like a Yiddish insult.

Briefly put: He’s a politician from Bavaria, a part of southern Germany where people are pretty conservative and talk with a funny accent. He’s renowned for his many delightful verbal gaffes and his general dopiness.  It’s not all his fault; like many Bavarian politicians, he’s often forced to give speeches after drinking lots of beer, and sometimes while wearing funny costumes.  I think of him like Ronald Reagan, without quite as much optimism. 

He just stepped down as chairman of the Christian Social Union party.  In honor of his career, the Sueddeutsche newspaper has just created a java application that lets you put words in his mouthto make speeches (G)  Just drag and drop the phrases — not too much attention to grammar, please — and dazzle at Ede’s eloquence!   

UPDATE: Here’s my very own Ede Hoergruss, with lots of Denglish.  Add links to your own in comments, if the mood strikes you (you might want to TinyUrl them).  Non-German speakers are definitely encouraged to contribute.

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