Troubling Lack of Stoiber Mockery

You know, I’m a little disappointed with my readers.  As politely as I could, I asked them to use the Edmund Stoiber java application to put words in Ede’s mouth, and even provided an example of my own to get the ball rolling.  My friends and I have been communicating with each other practically only through the Stoiberator for days now.  After finishing the post, I leaned back, confident my good-looking, highly intelligent readers would soon be flooding comments with pure Stoiberrific hilarity.

But what do I get?  Nada.  Nichts.  Now, I know it’s a little complicated, since you have to actually create a greeting, send it to yourself in an email, and then copy and paste that link into a comment (which the Sueddeutsche doesn’t TinyURL for you).  But I can assure you the Sueddeutsche won’t use your email for spam. 

And isn’t a little effort worth it to bask in the admiration of the web’s savviest Anglo-Teutonic users?

One thought on “Troubling Lack of Stoiber Mockery

  1. Those readers who are of the teutonic persuasion have had their fair share of Stoiberisms delivered to them right from the Stoiber’s mouth. I do, however, congratulate all non-germanic people who have the humor that allows them to get a laugh out of the Stoiberator.


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