Atrium: Musical Philosophy Queerly

Finnish band Atrium’s musical philosophy, as conveyed by Martian FM’s crack shit demo musical bloodhounds:

Finnish band Atrium’s music is self-explanatory in Finnish, but here’s what frontwoman Diva Panadol says via an electronic translator: ‘What it is Atrium? Our visit to the space of the public thing is an approach search with certain lights. It is oneself body dislocated kindly in four subbodys that speak languages dissimilar but that they arise of oneself. Queerly it is a warm and intense quadrilateral. In certain corner the phase mother in which is new sounds that mix melodic, pianos, guitars, drummers and cybernetic systems. In another corner an acoustic way, argued by the one it unplugs of so much tecnics that a little bit, its OK, but it is better to maintain it to line. In the third corner the return to the science of the chips tinged with southern artisan’s head and northern yunky fingers. In the fourth corner the one that listens to their amniotic walk, immobile from secret armchairs’.

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