3 thoughts on “Where Manhole Covers Come From

  1. whoah – amazing…

    to whom actually, in this global world?
    does anyone give a toss?
    i am sure nuyoricans give just as much about it, as about the bozos in the colombian andes that produce and vacuum-pack the yayo they are lining their noses with….
    nice pix though – love the colors…


  2. Well, as long as those Indian kids don’t engage in brand piracy by writing “Buderus” or “Passavant” on their manhole covers, I guess it’s okay …


  3. Wow, that’s amazing! Thank you Andrew! I met a guy once in the south Indian state of Kerala who worked at a factory where they make car mats from coconut fibre for VW’s luxury vehicles. It’s a dirty, dusty job; but the workers take pride in the fact that they work for such a well-renowned international company, and the wages they’re paid are pretty good as to Indian standards. That’s the piece of information I missed in the manhole video: How well do the workers get paid, and how do they feel about their job? But maybe it’s just my “typically German” attitude that makes me feel that such kind of information should be part of the report.


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