Cultural Driftwood Wins Bambi

After floating around in the roiling sea of Anglo-American popular culture, many artists find themselves stranded on the lonely shores of obscurity.  There, they’re gradually bleached out by neglect, playing to ever-smaller venues, bumping down the food-chain to ever-smaller record labels, and giving ever-bitterer interviews to ever-smaller magazines, until the interviewers finally stop calling.

Then, like an interesting piece of driftwood spotted by a beach wanderer, Germany picks them up, takes them home, polishes them lovingly, and displays them on the coffee table.  This has happened to Chris de Burgh, Motörhead (perhaps because of the umlaut), Metallica, and dozens of other grateful has-beens, including Jon Bon Jovi, who is not only still alive and apparently producing records, but just won a Bambi award, which is basically a German grammy. 

Yes — Jon Bon Jovi.  Touching, really.

5 thoughts on “Cultural Driftwood Wins Bambi

  1. I love those “international” awards at German award ceremonies. To get one of those, someone apparently has to meet only three criteria:
    – He mustn’t be German.
    – He must be famous (or have been famous once).
    – He must have agreed to show up.


  2. Don’t forget the master of all cultural driftwood: David Hasselhoff. ;-))

    By the way, I think we do some similar “collecting” of italian has-beens.


  3. Speaking about awards … anyone seen MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich? The almost-has-beens Snoop Dogg and Dave Grohl (from Foo Fighters) have been there. I found it kind of funny how there were Americans posing in lederhosen, with a beer in their hand. That eternal-oktoberfest cliché is the most stupidestest of its kind and MTV Germany actually invites Americans to re-establish it. Apparently, this show had nothing with Germany, although it was Germany-themed.

    @Volker: Metallica are so has-beens that even my kin on the country listen to it.


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