Some Pictures From Italy

One of the advantages of having friends, aside from the whole having-friends part, is that sometimes they go live in cool places, and invite you to visit them. Here are a few photos from last week’s visit to Rome and Frascati.

This time around, its the cute side of Italy.  For instance, a cat living in a box on the side of the road going out of Frascati…


…or this roadside shrine to the Virgin set into a wall along the Via Nomentana:


Less cute, Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano at night, after some rain:


A photo of a "Black boy (moretto) praying for his benefactors", from the small, dusty Cardinal Massaia Ethiopian Museum in the Capuchin convent near Frascati (the museum documents capuchins’ missionary work in Ethiopia):


An Ethiophian painting, from the same museum:


These are "fiascos", the typical bottles Frascati wine is stored in:


Back in Rome, the newly-restored Markets of Trajan by night:


Italian sugar packets. Molto adorabile.


All over Rome, you find fountains that run non-stop with fresh, usually delicious water.  Here’s one in the shape of a wolf’s head, probably to commemorate Rome’s founding myth.  Notice the water spouting upwards out of the center of the wolf’s nose.  As with all Roman fountains, if you block the downward stream, the water spurts much farther upward, for easy drinking:


Last but not least, a hieroglyph-covered obelisk on the grounds of the Villa Torlonia, a sprawling villa that Mussolini used as a headquarters, but which lay neglected for decades (Roman schoolchildren used to play in the abandoned buildings) until its recent restoration:


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