Peacekeeperettes Unman Swedish Lions

As a friend related last night to general amusement, the Swedish peacekeeping forces wear a patch that looks like this:

It shows a lion with a sword and an olive branch.  The lion is a traditional Swedish symbol of state authority.  But usually, it is potrayed with a clearly visible male member.  But the penis is, as they say, not pictured.  Female Swedish penis peace-keepers [that’s enough — ed.] threatened a lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights, whereupon the Swedish military caved in (G) and ordered all lion penis patches changed.

The result is the patch you see above.  I’ve tried to find a picture of the patch before the penis-removal procedure, but have so far been unsuccessful.  Can anyone help me out here?  You realize, of course, that this search is being conducted in the name of science.