Shiny Happy People Boarding Trains

Here’s an advertisement for the German national rail company (Deutsche Bahn) that flashes on a ticket automat when it’s not in use:


They’re prancing about gaily on a train platform, wearing bright pastels. Smiling confidently into the middle distance.

You will never see this on a German train platform.

4 thoughts on “Shiny Happy People Boarding Trains

  1. The poor sods in the commercial probably haven’t yet come to understand that Deutsche Bahn staff reigns over an empire of transportation that is as closed to competition as it is essential, and it is only through their boundless generosity that they allow passengers to use their services, otherwise they’d display the required air of deference that has so thoroughly been beaten even into the most occasional customer intruder.

  2. Hamburg Central Station, 1944; heavy air-raid damage visible in the background; private photograph. Overall context here.


    The quality of Deutsche Bahn’s service is much better than it’s reputation.

    I agree, I’ve always been satisfied with DB’s helpful and competent service if not with the general punctuality of their trains. But note the “German Glumness” tag – supposedly we don’t smile at all etc. pp.

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