In Which I Rocket to Superstardom

Those of my readers who are subscribers to Titanic, the essential accessory for positive-plus top-lifestyle hyperachievers like us (you are Titanic subscribers, aren’t you?) may already have seen that Max Goldt has seen fit to mention GJ in his piece of the real estate.  Indeed, he’s paid this blog the ultimate compliment of taking a few weak, half-baked meanderings spewed out here and turning them into something actually worth reading.  Many thanks.

To welcome the shiny new reader(s) that will stop by in the next few days, I’ve planned a very special series of ultra-accessible posts.  Stay tuned for selections from dictionaries of German prison slang and obscene words, and uncensored pictures of an actual unopened book about a French Catholic reactionary!  Can you feel the Germanjoysmentum?

P.S.  For the worthless parasites out there who have not yet subscribed to Titanic, you may — nay, must — repent, posthaste.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Rocket to Superstardom

  1. From the linked site:> Der Dax soll sich wieder erholen? Ohne mich! Neulich hat so’n Vieh meine Bremsschläuche angeknabbert …> Die Schweigemönche haben ihren Streik beendet und wieder aufgehört zu reden.> … die grundlegende unternehmerische Freiheit, Subventionen zu empfangen …Brilliant. German humor at its wittiest.


  2. > martin: “Brilliant. German humor at its wittiest.”

    Why, yes – I’m reasonably amused, for one. However, as our host was wont to phrase it, Titanic has a persistent asshole problem.[1] So has our host, I’ll see to it.

    On a side note: again and again, it feels strangely liberating to deal with the issue above. I’m glad our host cared for the license necessary. Possibly, this is what friends hosts are for.Don’t they?


  3. > shiny new reader(s) […] will stop by in the next few days, […] Can you feel the Germanjoysmentum?

    Absolutely. Unless popped, eventually, the pimple on this block’s glistening face is frolicking around in mad glee. Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to my scabby oyster, too. Fremder, étranger, stranger: Glucklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté! Here’s looking at you, kid.

    …pimples can’t frolic, fussy trope Nazis object? This one can.


  4. Actually, with my neck of the woods being one of the last dark pockets of the world yet to be enlightened by the intellectual juggernaut that is Titanic magazine, could someone, somehow, somewhere provide a blatantly pirated scan of above-mentioned article so that I can succumb to the twitch in my fingers that wants to exercise my sarcasm muscle admire the how Germany’s flagship of wittiness makes The Onion look pale in reflecting on and exposing the flaws of their own society? Comment here, my email doesn’t work and don’t we all want to have a look at it anyways.


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