St. Benedict and the Diamond Ring Effect

From the invaluable Astronomy Picture of the Day, an unlikely combination:


Let a professional astronomer explain it:

The above painting was completed in 1735 by Cosmas Damian Asam, a painter and architect famous in early eighteenth century Germany. Clearly drawn is not only a total solar eclipse, but the solar corona and the diamond ring effect visible when sunlight flows only between mountains on the Moon. The person depicted viewing these eclipse phenomena is St. Benedict. Roberta J. M. Olson and Jay Pasachoff have hypothesized that Asam himself may have seen first hand one or all of the total solar eclipses of May 1706, 1724, and 1733. Many facts about our astronomical universe that are taken for granted today have been known — or accurately recorded — only during the last millennium. Asam’s painting currently hangs in Weltenburg Abbey in Bavaria, Germany.

4 thoughts on “St. Benedict and the Diamond Ring Effect

  1. Andrew,
    Great Blog. I am an avid beer fan, living in Canada, and noticed the Paulaner Split case on one of your postings. How broadly available is it? I would be interested in purchasing one and would pay for its acquisition.
    Best Regards, Chris.


  2. Chris, it should be available in almost every supermarket in Germany, you pay like 1.50€ as deposit and it is yours 🙂 No idea if anyone ships them to Canada though.


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