Great Minds…

Illusionless, Eric Alterman thinks like me:

Barring some unforeseen event, I’d pick McCain as the slight favorite over Clinton going in and Obama as a toss-up. That is terrible news, given how unpopular Republicans have become, and how they should be run out of town on a rail for supporting the catastrophic-in-every-way leadership by Bush and Cheney and the incompetents and crazies who surround them, but the media, and the public tend not to hold candidates responsible for their parties; crazy, but true. What’s more, antiwar voters are picking McCain despite his promises of hundred years’ war. What’s more, the media love McCain and are willing to forgive him everything, save perhaps the old "live boy or dead girl" dilemma they still talk about in Louisiana …

3 thoughts on “Great Minds…

  1. I can’t drink all of Alterman’s koolaid, sorry. You seem to overlook that the Dem’s are generating a lot more votes during the primary campaign – and also that McCain has a little unity problem of his own within the GOP to solve.

    My completely subjective view of the odds of who takes the oath of office next January go roughly like this: Obama 40% McCain 35%, Hillary 25%.
    Even though the Democratic race is a toss-up at this point I think Obama has a distinct edge over Hillary for the next month at least (until the Ohio and Teexas primaries). Obama has a riled-up, enthusiastic supporter base and a huge fundraising edge in January (either 2-1 or 4-1 over HRC depending upon how you read the figures).

    Obama also has an edge in most of the states for the next month. There are 4 caucuses, 4 primaries in states with large black minorities, and Wisconsin. I think Hillary HAS to take Wisconsin and at least 2 of the others (preferably primaries) to keep Obama from becoming a clear frontrunner; I don’t see how she does it in the face of his advantages. .


  2. Breaking news: Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign. This is fantastic news for McCain, because it leaves him facing only Huckabee & Ron Paul. Paul is a demostration campaign and Huckabee a minority taste; McCain will be the nominee and will have months to knit up the GOP before the Democratic side is decided.

    He’ll need every bit of that time, I think.


  3. “No illusion”? Perhaps in the sense that his lucubrations are symptomatic of deeper mental deficits due to which fundamentally contradictory positions are maintained without the slightest feelings of cognitive disonance. Take this blurb: “In Why We’re Liberals Alterman examines liberalism’s development and demonstrates how its partisans have come to represent not just the mainstream, but also the majority of Americans today.”

    Republicans fear that McCain will be the next Dole, and rightly so. Clinton would demolish him. O’Bama would merely win handily. The economy, the links to Bush, the right’s alienation of Hispanic voters, McCain’s support for the war, it’s all but over already.


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