A Critical Commentary to German Criminal Law?

Hey there, it’s me with another bleg.  This time it’s an obscure legal bleg, so if doctrinal analysis of German criminal law doesn’t interest you, feel free to stop reading now.

For the 4 of you who are still reading, the bleg is this: A friend of mine is currently doing some research on criminal-law reform for a small, charming country, and would like to learn something about German criminal law.  He can read German, and was interested in reading commentary on the German Strafgesetzbuch from a variety of perspectives.  I’ve sent him links to the big, mainstream commentary, but does anyone happen to know of a kritische Kommentar, something that’s perhaps a little out-of-the-mainstream and independent/left?

Thanks in advance for any help.

One thought on “A Critical Commentary to German Criminal Law?

  1. Unlike their American counterparts who enjoy a general left-wing reputation, German law professors and more or less everybody involved in the legal business is as a rule conservative, at best “liberal” as in FDP.

    So you’ll have a hard time. Sure, there are the Alternativkommentars to many laws, but I’ve always wondered what it is that is supposed to be alternative about them (besides their red covers, Comrades). I’m pretty sure there is no coherent critical commentary. Even cricical essays to certain questions might be hard to find.

    Sorry to be of no help to your bleg.

    PS: I hope your list at least included Schönke/Schröder and Munich Commentary and didn’t leave him with the doctrinally meagre likes of Fischer and Kühl.


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