4 thoughts on “Andorrans Will Welcome Us as Liberators

  1. Jeez, these yanks are thundering, thunderous, thumping morons. Thank God I’m a regular over here, so I’m in the know, and let’s trust exceptionally brilliant US citizen Hammel to make sure that we never forget. He makes up for the festering defect, he must call his ilk. That said, Mr Hammel’s real peers, the Onionards from Mars, are truly funny, as mostly they are.

  2. Um, in the cold light of day, maybe I was overdoing it. Seeing the matutinal spittle that now flecks this blog elsewhere, too, maybe I should contain my rage in the wee hours of the night. But hey, Mr Westernworld left out the Trilateral Commission, so possibly not all is lost. And quite possibly, too, for once, our host was just having innocent fun. Let’s have that anytime.

  3. Ummm, yes, Marcus. Anything to do with the word ‘Onion’ is satirical. The Onion is arguably the best US US purveyor of satire. The ‘ONN’ is spoofing the State Department, CNN, and Yank’s global reputation for ignorant bliss all at the dsame go.

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