Democrats Abroad Vote in Berlin

And the Tagesspiegel has the video (g). [h/t Ed P.]  Germans — here’s your chance to wince at / laugh at/ admire various varietals of American-accented German.  Note that (1) they all voted for Obama; (2) many of them look indistinguishable from Germans.  Nice protective coloration, fellow expats!

I’ll be voting tomorrow at O’Reilly’s in Duesseldorf during the early part of the evening (around 7:30-ish), so drop by if ya wanna meet me.  I’ll be voting for Obama, naturally, because he represents Change We Can Believe In (although I personally prefer Belief We Can Change In).

3 thoughts on “Democrats Abroad Vote in Berlin

  1. Impressive language skills. Is “Gretchen” a popular name in the US? Rudi Dutschke’s wife, hailing from Chicago, was also called “Gretchen”.

  2. Alex,
    the same thought crossed my mind in the very same second of the video… What a coincidence.

    And Gretchen really seems to be (or have been) a quite popular choice for a girl’s name. Consider this: look for *Popularity of a name*, enter *Gretchen* and select some higher double-digit number of years. You’ll find that Gretchen was in the top 300 of baby names during the 1960s and 1970s. While hoping not to be impolite that would likely fit the lady in the video…

    PS: Jake Gyllenhaal’s parallel-world-girl-friend in *Donnie Darko* was called Gretchen, too.

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