Making Aliyah

Just a short note to say there will be light blogging for the next week or so, as I visit Israel for a mix of business (5%) and pleasure (95%).  I hear there’s a lot of wireless access there, so I may try to post an update or two, but alas, no guarantees. 

In the meantime, check out the blogs on my blogroll.  Back to regular posting in late March!

2 thoughts on “Making Aliyah

  1. Last time I checked the history books, Aliyah was a way for Jews to flee pogroms and worse nuisances. Seemingly, it has become wholesome tourist fun instead. Good to hear.

    btw: there seems to be a mutt’s vicious tail hiding in the Holy Land, who regularly whirls the “unfortunate dog around the room”, “banging its head against the ceiling”, not content with merely wagging the hapless canine. Should you meet that tail doing his devious masters’ nasty bidding, you might want to tell that bad ass tail off. As for the masters, they meet regularly in the Knesset, which has visiting hours for tourists.


  2. Unfortunately, like other Gentiles, I’m not allowed to ‘ascend,’ which is what aliyah means in English (check out the photo!). It sure felt like I ascended at times, but now I’m back at work, leaving no doubt that I have landed again.


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