Still not 100% Gentrified

I’m back, and I’ll be back to more-or-less regular blogging soon.  In the meantime, the International Herald Tribune explains why I want to move to Berlin, and why I’m not alone:

The migration recently has reached such proportions that the Danish government has spoken of an "art drain" from Denmark to Berlin, while every Swiss Canton has opened an arts center to support its emigrant talents.

Susanne Pfeffer, curator at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, said: "In the past, Cologne was the number one city for contemporary art. Now Berlin has taken over the reigns [sic]. In the last five years or so artists from all over the world have started coming here. Berlin is a cheap city that is constantly changing, attracting a lot of interest and providing many opportunities for artists, especially since the fall of the wall." …

For [German artist Alessia] von Mallinckrodt, Berlin’s unruliness is part of its charm. "Berlin is a new and old city at the same time. Everything grows and changes all the time. New York is more clean and sleek," she said. "It is simply too beautiful and perfect." …

Nearly two decades since the fall of the wall, the former East Berlin and the western enclave are still a study in cultural contrasts. But the center of gravity is shifting to the east, where gentrification is in full flow, constructing a new identity after nearly thirty years of physical and psychological isolation.

One thought on “Still not 100% Gentrified

  1. > Berlin: Still not 100% Gentrified

    Indeed not, and not so in any foreseeable future, alhamdulillah. The sparkling metropolis will remain a boon for those kinky connoisseurs savouring any cultural contrast, while proving an aggressive urge to be entertained and not bothered in the pursuit of happiness. Aren’t we hard and smart working people, giving society its money’s worth, day after day? So, give us a break! Après nous le déluge – sustainable development is for party poopers, else for third world losers[1] – but this is trendy Europe, yo!

    Honestly: let the autochthone proles turn the other cheek, so we don’t have to – they deserve it for being so ugly.[1] Let them have cake? That’s so yesterday! Let them have the social stress immigration worst done entails, particularly when organised import of Muslim paupers is on the list. Let’s have cordon bleu, while our cordon sanitaire buffers what needs buffering. Heck, what have they ever contributed to our discerning well being anyway? Currywurst?! Pathetic sods. We’ll have delicately spiced Kayseri cuisine any day, instead. So the Kayseri folks have a nasty tendency to, ugh, aggressively convince their womenfolk not to seek exogamous intercourse or marriage? Or else…, they say? Even over here? Particularly the negative selection we chose to import for years? Pesky, racialist, culturalist nitpicking, you say, and: “do we have to care?” As if we ever would be likely to have to resort to embarrassing white flight manoeuvres! That’s not us, we know better: we don’t move into those zones in the first place, if only for the funny, ugh, schooling, our brats would be at the receiving end of (×67). Boy, does that spare us awkward moves, which might startle our peers.

    Also: since when do we mingle with the proles in the first place – autochthone, foreign, whatever? Heck no, we just seem not to meet them often partywise (or at all, snigger!), and boyo, there’ll be a conspicuous scarcity at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art: God bless the gracious institute – all hail that scarcity! Doesn’t it come in ever so handily? Seems to go with the country, har har! So they call us cunning …….., us bourgeois bon vivants? Yes sirree, and not for nothing!

    btw, I wonder: that aggressive urge – is it a daintily acquired taste, or are mom & pop to blame? Society, somehow – some suggest? Ah, thought so.

    But remember: never tell them so, as winners never put other people down ( Shed the occasional tear in proper context, that will do – hey, what are blogs for, anyway?

    To all concerned: no hard feelings, agreed? Just pushing the boundaries of reasoned ranting.


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