Live Boys or Fascist Girls

Just par for the course when it comes to Oxonian barristers:

Max Mosley, one of the most powerful men in world sport, was under pressure to resign as boss of Formula One’s governing body last night after he was exposed enjoying a Nazi-style orgy with five prostitutes.

Jewish groups condemned the behaviour of Mosley, 67, whose father, Sir Oswald, was the leader of the British Union of Fascists and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

Mr Mosley was caught on video by the News of the World with five women in an underground “torture chamber” in Chelsea, where he spent several hours allegedly indulging in sado-masochistic sex.

The Oxford-educated former barrister, who is president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), reenacted a concentration camp scene in which he played the role of both guard and inmate.

The article has even more salacious details, such as the fact that he was "speaking in German."  If he decides to fight for his position — and I think we all hope he will — his defense team may want to have a look here.

5 thoughts on “Live Boys or Fascist Girls

  1. May I remind you that today is April 1, and that this may have a minor impact upon the ‘news’ reported today?

    When I first saw this in the Times my first reaction was that it had to be ans ‘April Fool’. On further reflection I decided it probably was not – it is legally actionable, and the fact that the target is a son of Sir Oswald Moseley (the UK’s leading fascist of the 30’s) makes the jape much too pointed to be ignored.


  2. I once saw an interview with Mosley in which he spoke exceptionally good German. Now I know where that came from. 😉


  3. Once again (as with Eliot Spitzer) I don’t understand why this is considered a problem and should lead to these people’s resignation. These people have a private life and they should be able to engage in whatever bizarre sexual practices with whoever they want to. As long as they don’t do harm to anybody else and don’t embezzle other people’s money, why would such behaviour affect their ability, authority or qualification to hold their private or public office?


  4. Norbert _ I would normally agree – but Spitzer was a special case. His problem is that he had prosecuted the same precise ‘crime’ in others, which meant he was not going to get a break or ‘the benefit of the doubt’ on the facts. A vengeful prosecutor caught breaking the law can expect little mercy, as Mike Nifong (DA in the Duke lacross ‘rape’ case found out the hard way).

    Clinton survived (in a manner of speaking) because he had never been in that position.


  5. There’s an entire gay subculture devoted to Nazi flavoured SM sex. Some of them fancy disgusting politics as well, Ernst Röhm and Michael Kühnen being their heroes. Others just enjoy black leather, tight fighting uniforms, and bizarre practices. Mosley might belong to the heterosexual variant, I wouldn’t mind. However, the Daily Mail tells about Mosley’s early and life long support for his father and the funny political views Mosley junior espoused – it’s clearly time to go. Those who don’t fancy the Daily Mail’s Nazi stories might want to check out the one about Nigella Lawson’s knees (scroll down). I have to admit that I sometimes get a kick out of such smut, particularly when Nigella is involved… As feels one “Ann” from London: “She looks lovely and her knees look fine.” So true.

    > Martin Sommerfeld: I once saw an interview with Mosley in which he spoke exceptionally good German.
    > Now I know where that came from. 😉

    Immediately after WWII, at the behest of his parents, Mosley attended German Schloss Salem, one of our nation’s boarding school for the leaders to be.


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