The Swedish Model’s New Fans

The Washington Post reports from Sodertjale, Sweden, a town that has taken in as many Iraqi regugees as the entire United States:

The national government budgets $30,000 to help settle each person granted asylum. It pays for Swedish language classes, helps with housing and job training and pays a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Iraqis leave behind a country that can barely provide electricity and water. Here they attend classes that explain such benefits as 18-month paternity leaves and a 24-hour hotline for children who want to register complaints.

"In this country, when you are 65 years old, you can sit at home and still get a salary," marveled [Iraqi refugee Oshin] Merzoian, sitting in the cozy kitchen of his new government-subsidized, two-story house.

4 thoughts on “The Swedish Model’s New Fans

  1. I can’t remember the source (Spiegel? Zeit?) but a month ago I read that Sweden gives about 20.000 Iraquis asylum while the the US took just 5000 people – even supporters of the US-troops in Iraq (If my figures are wrong please correct me). Well, ignoring the discussion who’s war it is or may be – and in who’s responsibility – but shouldn’t a country with a population roundabout fifty times bigger than that of Sweden do better? As a simple act of humanity?

    (I’m not refering to the standart of living in Sweden, the social system in europe, or that germany may be worse in offering asylum)


  2. At the 2005 Catholic Weltjugendtag the Iraqueis in Osnabrueck were quite outstanding coming from scandinavians countries>
    Iraker aus Skandinavien
    The christians were waving their Iraq home flags even in the cathedral what usually never happens.


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