DJ Hunee in dem House

So, weekend before last I was in Berlin and went to Cookies Cream, a restaurant that doesn’t advertise, coyly hides its exact address, and moves from one minimally-renovated industrial space to another every few years.  There’s an enthusiastic English-language review of it here, and a jaded, dismissive German-language review from 2004 here, which finds the whole thing a bit too strenuously hip.  The portions were indeed ludicrously small, but the food sound (I had the parmesan dumplings, a friend had something served with what the English-language menu called ‘deadnettle’).

People-watching was first-rate; aggressively louche writers (artists? ad copywriters?), what looked like a moderately famous band, and a dinner party for theater types that got amusingly out of hand as the Dj_huneenight wore on.  The slim, attractive, clueless waitstaff all seemed to be weathering emotional crises.  One of them kept bumping into the music laptop, causing ear-shattering eruptions of feedback.

And then it was off to have a look-see into Crush, the nightclub next door.  It’s housed in a former movie theater, with many intact (and soiled, dusty) furnishings.  The music, provided by a short Asian guy gyrating back and forth behind a turntable and mixing-deck, was first-rate.  Obscure funk and soul, 80s classics with juicy synthesizer hits, and a little bit of hip-hop, all elegantly mixed.  To use the patois so beloved of today’s youth, the man was slicing off some phatt beatz.  Who was that non-masked man? 

After a bit of searching on the Interwebs, I was able to determine that he is DJ Hunee (l).  Naturally, he’s got a myspace page (his Myspace motto: "I wanna see all my friend at once"), complete mixes you can listen to online.  The one that auto-loads when you visit the page doesn’t push all my buttons, but if you page down, you can switch to other ones — HandMadeMadness is one highlight.  Even features a verions of ‘Autumn Leaves’ done by a human voice cunningly imitating a saxophone (‘wa-pa-do-do-doo, bah-waa’).  It’s like seeing all your friend at once!

One thought on “DJ Hunee in dem House

  1. …no I’m not Hunee but I know him; he’s a very nice guy. “I wanna see all my friend at once” is a quotation from a song by Arthur Russel.


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