One for the Simpsonsphiles

I submitted this, er, LOLtree to the official LOLcats website, but it hasn’t appeared on the main page.  The problem may be that it’s not a photo of a cute, furry little animal, but rather an odd tree stump I noticed in a marshy area on the banks of the Rhine.  A tree stump that reminded me of…well, you get the picture:


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7 thoughts on “One for the Simpsonsphiles

  1. I’ve not been that much of a Simpsons Aficiando for at least ten years, so please enlighten me: What episode is that quote from? “Anal probing” is something I generaly more associate with South Park 😀

  2. After freeing our sheep from a winter’s confinement, I cleared out their manure from a barn. Scheissarbeit, literally.

    I guess that’s why I can’t find this very funny.

    Beautiful sight, though, to see lambs cavorting on a hillside under blossoming apple trees.

  3. I think my manager really, really needs to read this caption.

    Either that or I really, really need for him to read it. Not sure which.

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