The Swedish Model’s New Fans

The Washington Post reports from Sodertjale, Sweden, a town that has taken in as many Iraqi regugees as the entire United States:

The national government budgets $30,000 to help settle each person granted asylum. It pays for Swedish language classes, helps with housing and job training and pays a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Iraqis leave behind a country that can barely provide electricity and water. Here they attend classes that explain such benefits as 18-month paternity leaves and a 24-hour hotline for children who want to register complaints.

"In this country, when you are 65 years old, you can sit at home and still get a salary," marveled [Iraqi refugee Oshin] Merzoian, sitting in the cozy kitchen of his new government-subsidized, two-story house.

4 thoughts on “The Swedish Model’s New Fans

  1. Is this our cue, Your Blogness, to praise the superior socialist European culture yet again? Those generous Swedes, those measly Yanks?

  2. I can’t remember the source (Spiegel? Zeit?) but a month ago I read that Sweden gives about 20.000 Iraquis asylum while the the US took just 5000 people – even supporters of the US-troops in Iraq (If my figures are wrong please correct me). Well, ignoring the discussion who’s war it is or may be – and in who’s responsibility – but shouldn’t a country with a population roundabout fifty times bigger than that of Sweden do better? As a simple act of humanity?

    (I’m not refering to the standart of living in Sweden, the social system in europe, or that germany may be worse in offering asylum)

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